Welcome to Studio IB Milano, the premier design studio based in the vibrant city of Milan.

We specialize in Furniture and Interior Design, aiming to transform spaces into beautiful works of art. Drawing inspiration from Italian art, materials, and craftsmanship, we bring life and essence to every project.

 Our approach is simple and appealing. We blend colors, elegant forms, and geometric patterns to create a harmonious look. Each element is chosen carefully, using only the best materials.

 But we don't just design interiors; we perfect them. We make custom products that show our unique style. Whether it's a tailored made kitchen, a captivating dining table, coffee table, or wall unit, each piece is crafted carefully to enhance the space and make a statement.

 Our attention to detail and refined taste is our signature.

Following pure lines, geometric shapes, and natural materials, we create spaces that exude elegance and uniqueness. Every material and finish is chosen thoughtfully, creating a sense of purity and natural beauty that captivates everyone.

 Inspired by the timeless beauty of marble and its limitless possibilities in terms of shapes, forms, and sizes, limited only by the imagination, at Studio IB Milano, we go beyond the conventional approach of designing spaces; we are dedicated to crafting immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary.