Vase 'Rotondo Grande'

Selected MARBLE is

The Rotondo vase grande is a masterpiece of design that revolutionizes the very essence of what a vase can be. Meticulously crafted from single piece of marble, its sleek geometric forms and pure lines create an enchanting marble frame that embraces the flowers within. It is a harmonious dance between the solidity of marble and the ethereal beauty of glass, intertwining two contrasting materials to bestow the Rotondo vase grande with a new artistic life.

Each facet of the Rotondo vase grande has been meticulously carved to perfection, exemplifying the highest standards of craftsmanship. The Italian marble, renowned for its elegance and timelessness, exudes a sense of refined luxury, while the transparency of the glass adds an element of lightness and delicacy. The interplay between these materials creates a captivating visual experience, as if the flowers are suspended in mid-air, ensconced within the graceful embrace of the marble.